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Why are authorised parts and service so important for your pump or injector?

We often see people who have tried to go down the cheaper route for pump and injector repair and found that it didn’t work. They have come to us because they have no come back with the original garage or second hand parts supplier and we have to re-do the job from the start, costing time and money. In certain cases bad pump or injector repairs even end up damaging the engine further.  

We are a service centre for pump and injector manufacturers Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens etc, therefore the repair will be carried out to a high standard, with authorised parts and manufacturers warranty on parts supplied. 

I think I have a problem with my diesel pump or injector, what do I do now? 

Give our office a ring on 057 8621024.They will  talk you through what injector or pump is in your vehicle and will explain what might be the cause of the issue in your vehicle. If the issue is related to your fuel system the office staff will guide you through the next step and let you know if we can repair or recondition your pump or injectors, or if they are available from new, etc. 

How much will it cost?

The cost of repair can vary significantly between different types of pump and injectors.

To get an idea of what your repair will cost, we would advise you to ring our office.


-We usually charge €10- €35 plus VAT per injector to test and this fee is waived if you go ahead and repair the injector with us (certain injectors may cost more to test, but we will make you aware of that before we test them).

-To test a pump we charge between €50 to €120 plus VAT, and again this price would be included if we go on to recondition the pump. 

Prices for repair and recondition vary between type of pump and injector, but once the test is done we will give you a full price.

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