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Frequently asked questions.

Q: Do ye recondition pumps and injectors.
A: Yes, we do for the majority of injectors and pumps for diesel engines. We do not offer a service for petrol injectors, and we are unaware of anyone in Ireland that does.

Q: Can I bring my vehicle to you?
A: No, the garage is leased to Laois Auto Care any queries about booking in or having a car looked a contact them on 0578509071.

Q: How much are 1.6 VW/Audi/Skoda injectors?
A: Recon Continental are €250 inc VAT new are €380 inc vat. Delphi start at €165+ vat for recon and €250+ for new.

Q: How do I send my items to you?
A: You can send via An post or use a courier of your choice. You can also drop them into us directly. We don't make appointments for receiving in injectors or pumps. If you are sending the parts to us with courier or An Post, please fill out this form and we will have all the details when your parcel arrives

Q: How long does it take?
A: When you leave in your parts testing can take 1-3 days, then you will be rung with the results, if parts are needed you will be told the cost of repair and the length of time it will take to complete the repair. Exact times cannot be given as we have no control over couriers and customs.

Q: What is the cost of testing?
A: Typically, injector testing starts at €20+ vat and pumps at €80+ vat. There are variations to this e.g. commercial equipment cost may be higher.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for my pumps or injectors?
A: No, follow instructions on how to send items to us above.

Q: I left in my parts how long do I wait to ring you?
A: We would ask that customers wait for us to ring with an update at any one time we have approx. 50+ jobs on the go. We spend a lot of time answering calls of customers looking for updates, this slows down our efficiency and productiveness.

Q: What is the cost of repair?

The cost of repair can vary significantly between different types of pump and injectors. Once we test we will quote the cost after we get price and availability on parts. We prefer not to give quotes over the phone as there are a lot of variables to factor in and the cost of parts are constantly changing.

Q: Is there anything you don't repair?

A: We have stopped accepting Pajero 3.2 Pumps up to 2007 and also Bosch VP pumps with their own ECU's. The cost and quality and availability of these parts is no longer good enough for us to be happy with offering it as a service.

Q: Do you keep injectors in stock?

A: We recently added a page showing our injectors that are in stock, if you don't see the one you need it is more than likely special order and you would need to ring us with the part number for more information. You can find the stock page here.  We try keep 1.6 Continental CAYC injectors in stock, but these are an extremely fast mover we advise to check on the day you want to collect or have shipped on the current stock levels.

If you can't find an answer above feel free to contact us.

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